“I’m going to Yale! Josephine was hands down a crucial part of obtaining my perfect 36 on the ACT. More than just a tutor, Josephine is a test prep enthusiast: she has mastered the patterns of these tests – the exact ways they try to trick students – and created her own unique strategies that lead to perfection. More importantly, Josephine adapted to my strengths and weaknesses, as an excellent teacher does, and made test prep enjoyable with her sense of humor (how else would I have known that the SAT used to have too many questions on yachts?). With Josephine’s deep understanding of the ACT and patient explanations of her strategies, my practice test scores kept climbing, and I was ready for the real deal in June of my sophomore year. It has been such a pleasure to work with Josephine, and I would highly recommend her to anyone preparing for standardized tests!

—2021 graduate of Brearley School and 2025 graduate of Yale University 

“Hi, Josephine! I just got my Sat Math II score back and I got an 800 (perfect score)! Thank you so much for helping me. :))”

—2021 graduate of Chapin School

“Thank you for being the most amazing person ever. You bring this tremendous energy into our home. Ryan has benefited so much from you, not just in these standardized tests but beyond that, in how to think holistically and apply this to his life. We are truly privileged to know you. Your biggest fan, M.”

—Parent of a Manhattan 8th grader who averaged 9 (highest stanine possible) on the ISEE

“Josephine has been an incredible help for my SAT test prep. I scored in the mid 1300’s on my first practice test, and with weekly lessons, I was able to score a 1540 on my first and only SAT in August, 2020. Josephine’s strategies helped me avoid careless mistakes and better manage my time. Definitely a great help!

—2021 graduate of the Browning School

“Josephine helped me improve my score from 61%tile to 90%tile on the online version of the SSAT during the pandemic. I was used to doing math the traditional school way, which took more time, but Josephine showed me how to be more efficient AND accurate. Most importantly, she helped me keep a confident mindset as she knew anxiety was my biggest issue. Never before had a teacher ever told me to “fail” a practice test, just to see how it feels. This changed my whole mindset and made a big difference to the way I approach testing – just stick to the strategies and go for it. I stopped overthinking and second guessing my answers. It definitely took some time to get used to, but once I embraced them, it took all the pressure off, and I got my highest scores in every section! Here’s a tip to her future students – don’t worry if you feel some struggle. Hang in there and trust the strategies. You’ll work up to it.

Manhattan 8th Grader

“We can’t thank you enough for helping Gabby get a great score on the ACT! You inspired her to set high standards for herself and achieve them, all during the COVID lockdown. You are the real deal, and anyone who works with you will be on his or her path to success!

—Lisa Ohebshalom, parent of a Manhattan 12th grader

“Though we’ve never actually met in person, though our Skype sessions (and the virtual whiteboard), Josephine helped me improve my SAT score from 1320 to 1530 (99+%tile)! Her ability to break down strategies into simple terms made all the difference. Thank you!”

—J. G., 2020 graduate of Scarsdale High School and 2025 graduate of Columbia University

“Josephine’s strategies were essential in raising my ACT test score from a 26 to a 35 with 6 months of weekly double training sessions. Prior to working with her, I used the “school method” to answer questions, which was not entirely efficient. Josephine showed me a totally different way to approach the test: systematically and strategically. My scores started to increase gradually, and despite occasional bumps, she was very supportive and reassuring. Without Josephine, I would not have been able to get a 35 in such a short amount of time!”

—2021 graduate of Chapin School

“By focusing on the mental game as much as the test itself, Josephine’s unique philosophy and innovative techniques made a dramatic difference not only to my scores on the SAT (which improved from 1040 to 1470 with seven months of intensive training), but to my ideas on how to succeed in life.

What makes Josephine special is her deep fascination with and keen understanding of how the brain functions under pressure – and the dynamic strategies and shortcuts she created based on her passion for neuroplasticity. Her coaching and techniques helped me stay present and positive while moving actively and confidently through the test – a game changer that produced a 98%tile on the SAT!”

—2020 graduate of Collegiate School 

“After a year of working with you, I got a 99 percentile in reading, math, and verbal on the SSAT on the first try! Thanks for also helping me become a smarter person overall, Josephine! Your strategies have truly helped me stop some of my bad patterns, like going too fast or not checking my answers hard enough –  something I took for granted because I’ve always been strong at math. Now, I’m even stronger!”

—Upper East Side 8th Grader and 2023 graduate of Phillips Academy Andover

“Thank you for making time in your very busy schedule for us. My daughter loves working with you. Your ability to connect with her so quickly made all the difference: in 8 weeks of Skype and in person sessions, she jumped from 68 percentile to 92 percentile on the SSAT, exceeding our initial goal of 90 percentile! Please save us a spot for SAT prep!”

—Parent of a 2022 graduate of Trinity School 

“Hey Josephine. I just wanted to let you know that I got 99 percentiles on all three sections of my October 2017 SSAT, with a perfect 800 in both verbal and math and 794 in reading! Thank you so much for all your help. I could not have done it without you, and I look forward to working with you again for the SAT!”


“Your strategies worked again. I got a 1540 (99+%tile) on the October 2019 SAT! I couldn’t have done it without you. Also, I got into Harvard! Thank you so much!”

 —2021 graduate of Phillips Academy Andover and 2025 graduate of Harvard University. 

“I first worked with Josephine prepping for the SHSAT (my scores were high enough for Stuyvesant). Since the test went so well, we also worked together prepping for the ACT. When I first started, I was out of touch with a lot of the material. However, over the course of a year, I used Josephine’s strategies and shortcuts and went into the test feeling confident. She played a big part in my success on getting a 35 the ACT (99+%tile), and I cannot recommend her enough.”

—2018 graduate of Churchill High School and 2024 graduate of Columbia University 

“Josephine is unlike anyone I have ever worked with. She sees your potential, and she is encouraging, positive, and patient. I learned so much in the nine months that we had together. Not only did she help improve my ISEE scores, she completely changed my attitude towards standardized testing —  turning it from a burden to something that I knew would make me better.

—2016 graduate of International School of Brooklyn and 2020 graduate of Little Red Elizabeth Erwin High School

“Our son is going to Horace Mann – his top choice. He is very excited. Thank you again for helping him on the SSAT! Your innovative strategies and teaching methods really turned around his frame of mind and approach to the test, all of which helped him improve significantly!”

—Parent of a 2023 graduate of Horace Mann 

“I got into my two top high school choices – Brooklyn Tech and Millennium! YESSSSSS!! Working with Josephine made a huge difference and helped me more than triple my initial practice score. I learned a bunch of techniques that helped me stay cool during the test, like slowing down, underlining key words, and doing the easiest questions first. We also chatted about cool stuff and that made learning fun. I’d recommend working with her to any of my friends.”

—David Grandsard, 2018 graduate of International School of Brooklyn 

“Hey Josephine! I got into all three of my top boarding schools: Choate, Lawrenceville, and Hotchkiss! Thank you so much for helping me with the SSAT. Your strategies and shortcuts were so helpful in getting me to 87 percentile on my actual test. I wouldn’t have been able to get in without you!”

—Samantha Brown, 2016 graduate of Nightingale Bamford School and 2020 graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall

“Thank you, Josephine, for helping my son exceed his own expectations on the December, 2019 ISEE and perform better than he had on any practice test! When he decided to look at boarding schools, it was already late August this year. Three months later, with your techniques, strategies, patience, and motivational talks, he walked into the exam room feeling calm, confident, and prepared. His score improved from 75th to 93rd percentile in such a short period. Imagine what he could have accomplished if he had more time! We’ll see you again in a few years for SAT prep (and start earlier and aim for 99 percentile).

—Parent of a Manhattan 8th grader

“Thank you, Josephine! We are very proud of Annabelle’s efforts in preparing for the SHSAT and SSAT and grateful for your mentorship.  Annabelle thinks so highly of you. I know she has been motivated by your class and all that you have shared about your life journey.”

—Rebecca Skinner, Former Head of School at the International School of Brooklyn and parent of a 2017 graduate of International School of Brooklyn

“First of all, thank you for your guidance and big help over this last year. Your test prep classes have been a tremendous help in Samuel’s success. He has been accepted to Berkeley Carroll, Brooklyn Friends, Bard Manhattan, Brooklyn Latin, and Laguardia, so we are thrilled by the results! We felt very supported in the process. I would happily recommend your services to anyone.

—Stephanie Larriere, Director of Brooklyn Beanstalk and parent of a 2018 graduate of International School of Brooklyn 

“I have been telling every parent from 6th and 7th grade that you are fantastic — in Harry Potter terms, the most talented wizard we have ever encountered!

—Monica Burgos, parent of a 2016 graduate of International School of Brooklyn and 2020 graduate of Grace Church School

“I did well on the SSAT (98%tile) and SHSAT (531) and got into Brooklyn Tech, NEST, UNIS, and Berkeley Carroll. Your help made a big difference. Thank you!”

—D.S., 2018 graduate of International School of Brooklyn 

“Josephine is an incredibly effective mentor. She and my son quickly developed a good rapport, which helped him achieve a perfect score in the math portion of the SSAT and a 98 percentile on the test overall.  Moreover, she achieves her and your goals in a friendly and sympathetic manner.  I cannot recommend Josephine highly enough.”

—Parent of an Upper East Side 8th grader

“I simply wanted to thank you for being such an amazing mentor these past months for me and all of my fellow students. You made each and every one of us feel good about ourselves no matter what our practice test scores were, and we all felt confident going in to take the test. You have helped me boost my confidence, strategizing skills, and scores to the maximum. You are an excellent teacher and you have done such a great job helping all of us. By the way, I have been accepted to Packer, Beacon, and Laguardia High School! Thank you!”

—Georgia Fumusa, 2017 graduate of International School of Brooklyn and 2021 graduate of Beacon High School

“My experience working with Josephine Yeh was life changing. I had made it all the way to the 7th grade without ever having to take a placement test to get into a school. Needless to say, I was clueless. That was, however, until I started taking test prep classes with Josephine. I took both ISEE and SHSAT prep classes with her over the course of nine months. I learned more about test-taking and preparation during these nine months than I had learned over the past 14 years. These classes really gave me a new perspective on test-taking and the mentality required to succeed on standardized tests. She also emphasized the importance of getting rest, and being confident in who I am and what I know.

I didn’t do very well in the initial practice tests but with more and more help, my final ISEE score was 6-7-6-7. I was super happy and super grateful to Josephine, who changed her career path and now helps kids like me secure their futures.

I ended up applying to nine independent schools, Beacon, and HSMSE. I couldn’t believe that I received congratulation letters from ALL my schools! Thank you, Josephine!”

—Leila Narisetti, 2016 graduate of International School of Brooklyn and 2020 graduate of Packer Collegiate Institute

“Our daughter was thrilled to work with Josephine and find ways to beat the test. In the beginning, our daughter was puzzled by the SHSAT, not excelling at it as she usually does in school, and needless to say, not getting the results she wanted or needed. Luckily, all that changed. Josephine coached her to move quickly and successfully through the test. Her score jumped from the 20s to the 80s within a few sessions, and she got an excellent high school placement. We highly recommend Josephine Yeh and her no-nonsense approach.

—Jerome Barth, parent of a 2022 Bard High School graduate

“I just wanted to share the good news with you that Arthur received two offers for High Schools next year. He got an offer for Brooklyn Tech and one for Millenium Brooklyn.
We are extremely happy with these results and are of course very proud of him!

Thanks for all the support; it has made a huge difference. 

—Andrea Kientz, parent of a 2023 Millennium graduate

“I so much appreciate all of the great work you’ve done with Sasha, not only in terms of his grades and ISEE scores, but also his motivation. You are a great role model for him. And he thinks you’re cool, which is not an easy feat.”

Tamara Malkin-Stuart, parent of a 2016 graduate of International School of Brooklyn and 2020 graduate of Grace Church School

Last night was the first time I loved math! I couldn’t believe it — we worked on it for four hours! My brother (Marcello) and I had a bonding moment. We practiced converting fractions to decimals to percents and we finally got it!”

—Mathilde Favel, 2019 graduate of Brooklyn Friends School

I’m not sure what spell you have cast on Marcello, but he spent all dinner talking about what he has learned during your sessions! Thanks to your mentoring, he has grown so much and gained so much confidence.”

—Carolyn Randolfi, parent of a 2017 graduate of International School of Brooklyn.

Having a keen interest in how kids think is what makes Josephine an exceptional mentor. She carefully observes my son while they work, seeing his potential and inspiring him to reach beyond his limits. As a result, he boosted his confidence, grades, and test scores to transfer from a good (but not terribly challenging) school to a prestigious private high school on a merit scholarship. On top of that, she helped him score in the 98th percentile on his PSAT!

We have happily referred her to many families, all of whom have benefited from her mentoring as well as her warm and caring spirit. She is always a pleasure to have in our home.”

—Parent of a 2016 graduate of Xavier High School

“I just want to thank you so much for all the help you gave us. I really couldn’t have done it without you, and I am so excited. I got into Brooklyn Latin! I feel like I really earned it. Thank you so much! When I have children, I want you to teach them SHSAT test prep. PS. I also got into Bard Early College Manhattan!”

—Emerson Gregory, 2015 graduate of International School of Brooklyn and 2019 graduate of Brooklyn Latin School

“Josephine’s distinctive, insightful approach has transformed how my daughter takes on schoolwork and learning, helping her overcome hesitation and shyness to build confidence and independence. My daughter has been accepted to the college of her choice, ready to take on the academic challenges that lie ahead.”

—Parent of a 2014 graduate of York Prep

“She was there every step of the way, providing clarity and insight (and laughs) into an otherwise Kafkaesque application process. I moved here from South Africa five years ago, and the American college system was completely foreign to me. We worked together to improve my SAT score by 300 points, and I am now a happy senior at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University.”

—Kirsty Jardine, 2016 graduate of Columbia University

“An exceptional mentor, she strikes the perfect balance between demanding and supportive, tailoring each session to address the different needs of my previously wary teenage boys. For the past four years, Josephine has handled every possible topic with great skill and finesse: advanced Math and English, essay planning and writing, general organization, and now SHSAT and SAT prep.

—Parent of a 2016 graduate of the High School for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (who scored 800, a perfect score on the SAT Math II subject exam) and a 2018 graduate of Churchill School (who scored 564 on the SHSAT exam).

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